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Atain - Products

Atain offers comprehensive commercial lines property coverages across a wide range of risk classes including, but not limited to: lessor's risk, offices, restaurants, retail, and distributors.

Commercial Property
• Apartment Buildings
• Bar / Restaurants
• Lessor’s risk
• Janitorial Services
• Sales, Service and Consulting
• Distributors
• Employment Agencies
• Homeowner Associations
• Trade Schools
• Real Estate Development
• Building or Premises
• Contractors / Artisans
• Grading of Land
• Machine Shops
Optional Coverages:

Vacant Building Coverage
Enhanced Property Extension
First Loss Provision
Building Ordinance Coverage
Debris Removal
Builders’ Risk
Equipment Breakdown

If you need coverage for items that are moving or movable such as valuables, data, or equipment, our expanding areas of coverage include a wide variety of limits and deductible options.

Inland Marine
• Contractors’ Equipment
• Bailee’s
• Installation Floater
• Scheduled Property Floater
• EDP (Electronic Data Processing)

At Atain, we are uniquely positioned to protect your clients from losses due to bodily injury, personal injury, property damage or advertising injury. Our comprehensive General Liability coverages can help mitigate risk within a number of industries.

General Liability
• Apartment Buildings
• Bar / Restaurants
• Lessor’s risk
• Janitorial Services
• Sales, Service and Consulting
• Distributors
• Employment Agencies
• Homeowner Associations
• Trade Schools
• Vacant Land
• Real Estate Development
• Building or Premises
• Contractors / Artisans
• Grading of Land
• Machine Shops
• Truckers
Optional Coverages:
 Per Project/Location Aggregate
 Primary & Noncontributing
 Waiver of Subrogation
 Employee Non-Owned Auto
 Employee Benefits Liability
 Stop Gap (ND, OH, WA, & WV)
 Property Damage Extension
 Assault and Battery Coverage
 Lost Key Coverage
 Errors & Omissions Coverage
 Liability for Guests’ Property
 Limited Lead Coverage
 OCP Coverage
 Liquor Liability​

Protects a broad range of businesses and individuals in such areas as emergency care services, home health care, tanning or health spas, massage therapy and outpatient healthcare facilities.

Professional Liability
Allied Medical/Social Services
The Allied Medical/Social Services policy covers a broad range of professional errors and omissions and general liability exposures and includes facilities that provide services directly to a patient or client including:

• Home Healthcare/Home Hospice
• Temporary Staffing
• Medical Testing and Imaging 
• Outpatient Therapy and  Rehabilitation
• Outpatient Mental Health
• Massage Therapy  
• Home Medical Equipment   
• Orthotics & Prosthetics
• Outpatient Drug/Alcohol Treatment
• Dialysis Centers
• Case Management
• Advocacy
• Referral Agencies
• Community Services
• Sheltered Workshops
• Mentoring
• Training
• Respite
• Emergency Care Services
• Body Care & Grooming
• Exercise or Health Studios
Miscellaneous E&O

Target Classes (including but not limited to):
• Consultants
• Title Abstractors/Searchers
• Home Inspectors
• Process Servers
• Actuary
• Auctioneers
• Bookkeepers
• Collection Agents
• Consultants
• Court Reporters
• Employment Agencies
• Event/Meeting Planners
• Landscapers
• Librarians
• Notaries
• Paralegals
• Photographers
• Process Servers
• Property Managers
• Secretarial Services
• Tax Preparation
• Title Abstractors & Record Searchers
• Translators/Interpreters
• Travel Agents

Atain insures a wide range of unique, niche markets that include, but are not limited to Demolition Contractors, Homeowners Associations, Special Events, Wind/Sun Energy and Medical Marijuana.

Special Programs
• Demolition contractors
• Homeowners Associations
• Special Events
• Non-profit Directors and Officers (admitted or non-admitted basis)
• Premises Only
• Pilot Car
• Property Preservation
• Wind / Sun Energy
• Medical Marijuana (in approved states)

Atain Insures a broad range of personal property on an all-risks basis. Coverage for Jewelry, Fine Art, Cameras, Wine Collections, Stamp and Coin collections, Silverware, Guns, Musical Instruments, Rugs, Books, Antique Furniture and more.

Personal Lines
Personal Articles Floater (Non-Admitted)
• All Risk Form
• Blanket Schedules
• Available in all states except NY

Classes included but not limited to Jewelry, Fine Art, Furs, Cameras, Wine Collections, Contents in Storage, Coins/Bullion in Bank Vault, Silverware, Collectibles, Guns, Musical Instruments, Stamps, Rugs, Books, Antique Furniture and more.
Suite Protector (Tenant Insurance)
A renter’s insurance product that provides a source of recovery for the tenant’s personal property and personal liability. This special form of coverage offers guaranteed acceptance for tenants in all approved communities and includes replacement cost coverage.

Protects Non-Dealer auto service providers that include (but are not limited to) automobile repair and body shops, car washes, gasoline service stations, storage garages and public parking, tow truck operators and valet operations.

• Automobile repair and body shops
• Car washes
• Gasoline service stations
• Storage garages and public parking
• Tow truck operators
• Valet operations